DIY Cookie Decorating “自己动手做曲奇饼装饰”

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The Youth Group organized a virtual DIY Cookie Decorating activity. This activity was done over ZOOM video call, all participants were required to join in the ZOOM call with video on. The Cookie Decorating Kits sets were delivered to participants’ homes. In the kit, a set of 9 undecorated cookies, icing, sprinkles were included to decorate the cookies. Tools like bamboo scribe tool and a pair of disposable gloves are also included!

During this activity, all participants joined in the ZOOM video call and decorated the cookies together. There were 3 decoration themes and everyone got to show off their creations after!

This activity was opened to all members who have young kids and youth members.

Limited to 30 sets only. To allow more to join us in this activity, each family was limited to 2 sets.

Date: 11 July 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm – we can have our cookies for afternoon tea!
Venue: Over ZOOM – invite will be sent when near to date of event

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